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Personality Development and Grooming Classes

Give your child the Tula’s Advantage

Tula’s Institute has a dedicated team of professionals specializing in providing training to the students to help them adapt to fast changing world. We at TULA’S believe that personality is an aggregate of an individual’s professional and personal capabilities encompassing skills of communication, leadership, confidence, decision making and an attitude to bring positive approaches to challenges facing corporate working for bringing about optimum solutions.

We are all aware that Corporate Grooming has become an important aspect for a student and such classes are aimed at providing an edge to the students in terms of building upon his/her professional etiquette, interpersonal skills and overall being aware about the whole corporate environment. Such endeavors by the management has resulted in Tula’s Institute being among the top 10 engineering college in Uttarakhand.

Tula’s Institute has regular Personality Development and Grooming Classes undertaken by trained professionals from across the country. Such classes ensure that quality training is provided to the students, thereby preparing them for any Interview they face. The program has helped even the very introvert students to come out of their shells and face the world with a high level of Confidence and over-all the students are far-more confident appearing for various Placement drives and % of selection in campus interviews has only improved and such classes are just one the many reasons why Tula’s Institute is a preferred destination for students wanting to pursue BTech in Dehradun. It is notable to know that Tula’s is also known to offer best placements in Dehradun as well.

The curriculum includes:

  • Simulated interviews.
  • Interview and Group Discussion Sessions.
  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • Video-recording of Group Discussion (GD).
  • Case studies based on real life experiences.
  • Detailed feedback on each and every session with respective mentors.
  • Time, resource and priority management.

Comments (2)

  • Gaurav Srivastava May 9, 2013 - 3:17 pm Reply

    Tula’s institute Personality Development Programme is designed with a 360 degree approach towards Self development. It not only covers the professional skills development viz. Communication, Presentation, Corporate Etiquette and Grooming, Goal Setting, Time Management, etc, but also focuses on Self awareness viz. values and beliefs. It’s a complete programme to ensure the successful transformation of an individual into a professional.
    Such a great job by Tula’s institute !

  • Dheeraj Sharma May 9, 2013 - 4:23 pm Reply

    Really! Tula’s Institute has a great team of professionals to providing professional training.These personality development classes even work on communication skill, health, and dressing style. At the same time they even take care of eating etiquettes, to table manners.

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